Monday, 19 November 2007

Meeting Captain Courageous - Gary Brabin

Meeting 'Captain Courageous'

Being described by PA Announcer Rob Clegg as 'Captain Courageous' raised a few eyebrows when this big midfield placed the ball in the back of the Leigh RMI net, but to many former nightclub bouncer Gary Brabin is seen as the hard man in our side. "They want to see me with the misses!" joked Brabin. "She's harder than me," claimed the Brabs. "Joking apart, we're just holding it together. We're all battling, it's nice to be acknowledged but I'll always try to give my best. We just have to see what happens."

The big scouser was brought to the club by Steve Mungall, initially joining the Blues just to train with the squad having walked out of Plainmoor just a couple of months into a two year contract. "I'm from liverpool. I went to Torquay and gave it a go down there. But it wasn't for me. I had signed a contract for a couple of years but I walked out after just a couple of months. I left on good terms at Torquay but I just never settled down there living so far away."

Brabin continued: "I was officially here before Mark was given the job. Steve Mungall brought me down but I was suspended at the time. I knew a few of the lads, Chris Malkin and Paul Carden, I was at Blackpool with them. I came in with Chester just to train whilst I was suspended and when I was eligible to play during that time I think we had three managers around here. Steve Mungall, Owen Brown and then Mark Wright. It felt a bit strange but I agreed to play for a month and it's been over two months now. I wanted to see if Mark Wright still wanted to stay. It is different under Mark Wright. Everyone has their own qualities, Steve Mungall has a lot of qualities and Mark Wright has as well."

An Everton supporter himself, the former Hull City and Blackpool star is accustomed to the odd relegation battle here and there and he's confident Chester will pull away from the danger zone. "I don't even think about relegation. We'll be safe and I think we will be a force to be reckoned with next year." And the strong midfielder is no stranger to life in the Nationwide Conference, having enjoyed a spell with his local side. "I've played in the Conference with Runcorn a good few years back. I had three years there and had an FA Trophy Final appearance. I had some great years, also managing to get into the England Semi Professional side and I really enjoyed it. I just love playing football on a Saturday afternoon."

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